Comprehensive surveys

HOWE India projects have following own equipment. We have carried out extensive survey in various parts of India as well as in Indonesia.

Equipment Type Qty
Trimble R.T.K. DGPS 1 Set
Trimble Beacon Based DGPS 1 Set
ODOM MK II Dual Frequency Echo Sounder 1 Set
ODOM MK III Dual Frequency Echo Sounder 1 Set
ODOM Hydrotra Echo Sounder 1 Set
TSS Heave Sensor 1 Set
ATG Heave Sensor 1 Set
Sea Bat MB 210 1 Set
Reson Survey Profiler 1 Set
Reson Survey Probe 1 Set
Octrans Motion Cum Gyro 1 Set
Hypack Software 2012 1 Set
DAMEN Vectographic Survey Software 1 Set
Hydro pro Survey Software 1 Set
Autoplotter (Land Survey) 1 Set