About Us

Howe India Private Limited, an Integrated Management System (QMS-ISO 9001, EMS-ISO 14001 & OHSAS -18001) certified company, is leading Multidisciplinary Planning, Engineering and Project Management Consultancy in India. Infrastructure lies in our DNA. The passion and hard work of 800 infrastructure professionals, adept at multidisciplinary domain expertise convert your vision into reality

Our Areas
Our Expertise

Project Management

At Howe India Management and Control (PRMC) is considered as a very vital and crucial function of the project. PRMC coordinates with various other functions

Master planning

HOWE India Projects has been involved in a number of port master plans. These have ranged from small terminal planning to master plans for the regions.


Performing as either port engineer or design engineer for a number of our waterfront clients. We have a staff-base of unparalleled experience in this discipline.


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Procurement Support

It is staffed by experienced category specialists, our sourcing teams get sustainable results fast.

Project Estimation

Project Estimation team is comprised of highly experienced technocrats from various core

Comrehensive Survey

Howe India have following own equipment. We have carried out extensive survey in various parts of India as well as in


Howe India Projects provide various consulting services are ranging from concept to commissioning of Infrastructure Projects.